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Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation,

and other Unlawful Employment Practices

The dynamic team at Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm fights for fair play, equal opportunity, and human dignity for all persons, but especially for women and/or persons of color who continue to suffer most from unlawful employment practices.

We spend the time upfront to determine your case is meritorious. Once we commit to your case, we commit to winning – and we commit to stand by your side through litigation or arbitration we know will be stressful.

Most often our clients are high achievers, successful in business or their profession. For example, the former general counsel of the Illinois Human Rights Commission (the state agency tasked with protecting Illinois employees from unlawful employment practices) trusted us to represent her when she suffered retaliatory discharge. Other clients have been the CEO of the Illinois Sports Facility Authority, or lawyers and paralegals in law firms, a corporate vice president, a media personality, highly compensated saleswomen, college professors, research scientists (pharmaceutical industry), nurses, high school teachers, flight attendants, police officers, and firefighters among others.

Our clients face workplace conduct that is unlawful or even extreme and outrageous. They suffer betrayal, emotional trauma and financial losses. Their injury is intensely personal and hard to talk about.

But our clients refuse to be victims. Our clients come to us, often by referral from past clients or other lawyers familiar with our work, seeking fair treatment, equal opportunity, and quality representation commensurate with their standards. Our clients trust Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm to fight for them aggressively in court and at the negotiating table, and we consistently obtain superior results justifying their confidence.

Employment Case Highlights

  • Defamation Lawsuit alleges Bill O’Reilly defamed former Fox News anchor by publicly denying her allegations of sexual harassment. Read more.


  • Retaliation for Complaint of Race Discrimination. In 2017, on the eve of starting a jury trial, Caruso obtained a substantial settlement for an African American female attorney that was the former General Counsel of the Illinois Human Rights Commission (IHRC), who alleged wrongful termination in violation of the federal civil rights law as retaliation against her for speaking out against discriminatory treatment by one of the Commissioners against another African American female attorney on her staff. (See Parker v. Ill. Human Rights Comm’n, 2016 U.S. Dist. Lexis 32472 (N.D. Ill. 2016)). That this alleged conduct occurred in the state agency charged with protecting citizens from discrimination remains troubling.


  • Glass Ceiling Gender Discrimination in C-Suite Violating Title VII. In Bellaver v. Quanex Corp., 200 F.3d 485 (7th 2000), Caruso helped shatter the glass ceiling when he won a federal court appeal on behalf of a female vice president in a male dominated manufacturing company the company terminated in a phony RIF because her male peers considered her “too aggressive” and “hard to work with.”


  • Title VII Gender Discrimination in Law Firms. Caruso negotiated severance agreements for a female attorney and separately for a female paralegal victimized by discrimination at large Chicago law firms; and Caruso has spoken out publicly against the problem of discrimination against female attorneys in the legal profession. 


  • Sexual Harassment. Caruso obtained a monetary settlement for an office worker subjected to the improper display of Internet pornography by her supervisor seeking a physical relationship; the settlement allowed the client to keep her job, but the offending supervisor did not keep his.


  • Title VII Gender Discrimination against High-Level Saleswomen. In diverse industries (enterprise-level software, corporate travel, health insurance, and corporate real estate), Caruso obtained substantial monetary settlements for established, successful saleswomen cheated by male managers shifting large accounts to less productive male colleagues or denying them deserved “procuring cause” recognition for their success generating large commissions.


  • Gender & Race Discrimination (Title VII and Section 1981) against Women in Sales. Caruso obtained confidential settlements for three African-American saleswomen for a pharmaceutical company.


  • Breach of Contract coupled with Race Discrimination. Caruso obtained confidential settlements for three male Asian American pharmaceutical research scientists after they were terminated without cause under their employment contracts.


  • First Amendment Claims by Public Employees under Section 1983. Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm represents public employees claiming termination or other retaliation as the result of the exercise of their right to free speech, in violation of Section 1983 of the federal civil rights laws.


  • Whistleblowing. Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm represents whistleblowers in both public and private employment.


  • Other Plaintiff Employment Law Claims. Caruso has successful experience in other discrimination and retaliation claims under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, and ERISA (claims of discharge to prevent vesting).

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