Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm is a nationally recognized litigation and arbitration firm that delivers exceptional advocacy for clients in state or federal court litigation, arbitration hearings, or mediations in Illinois or anywhere in the United States.

Carmen and his team have built a highly successful practice in large franchise and dealership cases for clients across all industries. They leverage their courtroom and arbitration experience to help clients maintain their franchise relationships so that they can withstand future challenges.

The firm handles fraud, contract, employment, real property, civil rights, and professional liability matters. The full complement of focus areas is under Experience.

Carmen is often asked to join a case based on his excellent reputation as a trial lawyer. His work representing executives and other professionals in employment issues – from contract creation to discrimination claims to whistle-blowing – is well known throughout Metro Chicago and Illinois. Carmen receives many cases through referrals from other lawyers and repeat calls from former clients.

Carmen’s experience in representing minority franchisees and others who are the subjects of discrimination including several female executives is known nationally. Carmen has also been in the midst of several high-profile media cases representing celebrities or media outlets in controversial matters.

Carmen is one of the brightest and most tenacious litigators in franchising.

I have had the chance to work with him as an Expert Witness in several different matters, and in each case his preparation was flawless and his arguments were well crafted.

He is passionate about defending his clients. He has my highest recommendation.


Mark Siebert

CEO, The iFranchise Group

Top-ranked Chicago Trial Lawyers

Our trial experience is wide and deep. We frequently serve as lead counsel in cases with more than $10 million in controversy, but we deliver zealous, dedicated, and creative advocacy for every client in every case.

Carmen opposed me in a multimillion dollar lawsuit. He is one of the very best trial lawyers I’ve been up against in my 35+ years of litigation.

He is a great advocate for his cause. He is relentless in the pursuit of his clients’ best interests.

I was impressed and would personally hire him.


– Richard Rensch

RENSCH & RENSCH LAW p.c.l.l.o.

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