Special Cases

Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm frequently accepts cases outside our main practice areas as a service to our existing clients or when new clients desire to supplement their legal team with lawyers having our level of complex case and trial experience. We have obtained very good results for clients when called upon for these special cases. These examples are illustrative:

Criminal Defense

As a protégé of former federal prosecutors and having externed for the United States Attorney in Chicago, Carmen D. Caruso tried numerous criminal cases as a young lawyer including the successful defense in a murder trial. Carmen is sometimes asked to defend serious criminal cases in which the client seeks dedicated trial counsel not beholden to the goodwill of the police, prosecutors or judges in the criminal justice system.

Corporate Criminal Liability

Carmen was part of the team that successfully defended a waste hauling company from what it believed to be a politically inspired indictment of the company for alleged worker exposure to PCBs.

Defamation Cases

Currently and on several past occasions we have been retained to prosecute or defend claims of defamation arising in the private sector and also in local governmental disputes such as the defense of suburban village trustees against claims of defamation by the president of the Village Board stemming from his mishandling of federal emergency funds after a flood.

Environmental Litigation

Carmen won at trial against a Monsanto subsidiary on a private “Superfund” claim under CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) on behalf of the Milwaukee Die Casting Co.; and later he provided informal legal counsel to the opposition to building a waste incinerator in Robbins, Illinois.

Governmental Litigation

Carmen and his former partners defended a prominent construction management firm accused of violating the rights of a minority sub-contractor on the O’Hare Airport Reconstruction Project; and defended American citizens accused by the government of Guatemala of stealing pre-Columbian artifacts. Carmen has also challenged discriminatory suburban business licensing and zoning; challenged the termination of the Executive Director of the Illinois Sports Facility Authority; and litigated franchisee access to concessions opportunities at O’Hare Airport.

Special Counsel in highly contested divorce cases

In three cases, Carmen was retained as special trial counsel to supplement the client’s representation by his or her divorce lawyer, including for the purpose of challenging the overbilling of legal fees by other counsel in the case.

Psychiatric Malpractice

We obtained a confidential settlement obtained for client claiming psychiatric malpractice at a leading Chicago hospital.

Contested Probate Cases

Clients engage us to represent claimants in substantial probate estates for will contests and other purposes.

Contested Trust Cases

Carmen and his former partners obtained a substantial settlement for the beneficiary of certain family trusts on allegations that his brothers, as trustees, acted with conflicts of interest.

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