Franchise, Dealership & Distribution

We try more franchise & dealership cases than most other law firms

Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm represents franchise, dealership, and distribution clients in most any serious dispute arising in these relationships. We are nationally known and frequently accept cases outside Illinois beyond being the most prominent advocates for franchisees or dealers in Illinois. We leverage our very substantial litigation and franchise arbitration experience to help savvy clients avoid disputes or resolve them quickly, and profitably expand their businesses.

Franchise Times Legal Eagle Hall of Fame Member

In 2015, Carmen became one of the few trial lawyers named to the Legal Eagle Hall of Fame published by Franchise Times, the leading franchise industry news publication.

Our significant experience in franchising, dealership, and distribution law extends to most every problem that might arise and includes state and federal court litigation, franchise arbitration and mediation, international arbitration and related client counselling.

Fraud Claims & Disclosure Violations

Franchise Terminations

Contract Claims

System Wide Disputes

Independent Franchisee Associations

Non-Competes and Restraints of Trade

Damage Claims

Intellectual Property Issues

Supply Chain Problems

Disappearing Franchisors

Hidden Franchises

Area Developers

Specific Industries

Dealerships & Distribution


Employment Issues in Franchising

Legal Malpractice in Franchising

Civil Rights in Franchising

We Have Represented America’s Top Franchisors

Carmen D. Caruso has represented franchisors including the world’s largest franchises in difficult cases. He served as outside general counsel to a “Top 200” retailing franchisor advising management on all legal issues and overseeing their national and international growth. Select franchisor clients call on us to protect them in litigation or franchise arbitration, to serve as ombudsman or mediators to resolve disputes with their franchisees, and for counsel in growing their brands.

We Protect Franchisees & Dealers

Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm frequently takes the side of franchisees, dealers or distributors in litigation or franchise arbitration. Carmen has been trial counsel to the independent franchisee association of one of America’s most iconic brands, has advised franchisee and dealer clients in over 100 brands and is nationally known as a leader in advocating for the rights of franchisees and dealers in trade associations and in the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising.

How Can We Help You Solve Your Franchise, Dealership or Distribution Problem?

Our experience extends to over 100 brands in most industries in which franchising, dealership or similar arrangements are prevalent. For example:

  • Automobile
  • Automotive After-Market
  • Car Rentals
  • Education
  • Equipment
  • Gas Stations/C-Stores
  • Health Care
  • Home Services
  • Hotels
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Manufacturing
  • Personal Services
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Restaurants
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