A Focused Approach

As a trial lawyer, Carmen D. Caruso aggressively engages in litigation, arbitration, dispute resolution and related client counselling and business strategizing in Illinois and across the country.

He delivers superior, no-nonsense advice helping clients solve their legal problems, control their risk, and maximize their odds of success.

A focused approach is collaborative, giving attention to every detail and drawing on the strengths of each team member. A focused approach also hones in on solving problems, doing what will work best for each client.

As a small firm, Carmen and his team fiercely guard their independence so that they are only beholden to clients.

Carmen relishes the opportunity to try cases and maintain an uncompromising professionalism in everything he does.

All members of the firm embrace technology that helps to level the playing field against the much larger law firms the team opposes in court every day.

Referrals are a mainstay from past clients or opposing counsels, or from lawyers who do not concentrate on trial work.  The team represents large corporations, but most often privately held companies, individuals, or other professionals.

Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm is not and will never be a high-volume practice.  He will always value the relationship to each client and will go the extra mile in every case.