Trial Lawyers That Cut to the Chase

We are trial lawyers engaged in litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution. And we counsel savvy clients in problem-solving, dispute avoidance, and intelligent business planning.

Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm clients include franchisees, dealers, distributors, substantial corporations, and their general counsels, smaller companies and their principals, and select individual plaintiffs or defendants. Our clients trust us with their most difficult legal problems and their most challenging cases.

We stand out from the crowd because we try more cases than most others. We see the big picture, or as a client put it, we see around corners.

We are “go to” lawyers when the stakes are high.

We find and focus on the critical points that make the difference between winning or losing. We do not file unnecessary motions or take depositions that do not significantly advance the case – and we keep our eyes on your business objectives and your bottom line.

Courtroom Experience Makes the Difference

Today, when 95% or more of civil cases are settled before verdict, it is harder than ever to find lawyers that frequently try cases. Don’t be fooled. There is no substitute for actual courtroom experience where witnesses are cross-examined, arguments presented and tactical decisions made without a safety net.

Plaintiffs Or Defendants

We are known for our passion in representing aggrieved plaintiffs, but we bring the same level of intensity when defending clients who believe that they are wrongfully accused.

Lawyers For Lawyers

Other lawyers (including many past opponents) frequently refer their clients to us, and call on us when they require advice or representation.

Prepared to Win

We consistently litigate against much larger law firms and are not outmatched.

We approach every legal problem on the assumption that we will have to try the case to a jury, judge or arbitrator. There is no other way to consistently obtain the best results.

We work with jury consultants and do mock trials and focus groups as needed, but have the experience to try most cases without them.

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