We Try More Cases Than Most Other Law Firms

We are trial lawyers engaged in litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution, consistently delivering superior performance in courtrooms, boardrooms, and at the negotiating table.

We are nationally recognized for our success in franchise and dealership cases, and frequently litigate or arbitrate across the country.  Our practice extends to most any case a company or individual clients might confront.

We frequently serve as lead counsel in cases with more than $10 million in controversy, but every case we accept receives the same level of attention and commitment.

The common denominator is we know how to try cases.

Lead Attorney Carmen D. Caruso has tried over 50 cases to decision and has recovered millions of dollars and obtained substantial relief for plaintiffs and comparable results for defendants. Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm builds on experience. Our accomplished team members demonstrate a passion for our clients and their cases and contribute substantially to our success.

Most cases come to us by referral from past clients or opposing counsels, or from lawyers that do not concentrate on trial work.  We represent large corporations when selected by in house counsels who know us, but most often we represent smaller companies or individuals that find themselves in dispute with a larger company or governmental entity, and therefore, we mainly oppose much larger law firms.  We embrace the challenge of fighting Biglaw and are not outmatched.  Our approach is collaborative, giving attention to every detail, focusing on exactly the right facts and legal issues early, utilizing the best technology, and maximizing likely success.

Trial Lawyers Cut to the Chase

We are thinking about your closing argument from the first phone call.  We focus on what is important to win and won’t waste your time or your dollars.

It is becoming hard for clients to find lawyers that frequently try cases as opposed to lawyers that file lots of pleadings and briefs and take depositions but never seem to go to trial. This problem is acute in fields like franchise or dealership litigation and other business cases, areas where our firm thrives.  This problem hurts clients because you cannot get the best pre-trial settlement if the other side is confident your lawyer wants to settle.

Carmen D. Caruso Law Firm bucks this trend. There is no substitute for your lawyer having actual courtroom experience where witnesses are cross-examined, arguments presented, and tactical decisions made, without a safety net.  The tangible benefits of hiring an experienced trial lawyer are visible on day one as we approach every legal problem on the assumption we must try the case to a jury, judge or arbitrator.

Lawyers for Lawyers

Lawyers frequently call upon us for advice or representation. No matter the type of case you might have, we invite you to review our experience in Professional Liability cases.  You deserve to know your lead trial counsel is the type of lawyer other lawyers call on.

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